Alloy & Metallurgy Project Management Company

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As a specialist alloy and metallurgy project management company, allowing us to manage the supply chain, right through to the point of assembly, utilises all of the advantages Copper Alloys Ltd provides.

From the raw material through to machining, coating, painting, inspection and packing, we have a distinct advantage in each area:
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Raw Material

We manufacture our own raw material and can therefore guarantee its integrity. Many other stockholders, traders and engineering organisations often have no idea where their metal is actually being produced. Regardless of how well subsequent stages of the supply chain are managed, if the metal integrity is insufficient, the project is flawed.


We specialise in machining components from speciality metals and can recycle the machining scrap generated. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it is also surprisingly cost effective and covers a large part of the machining cost itself.


With customised mass spectrometers, mechanical testing machines, ultrasonic examination, radiographic inspection, dye penetrant inspection specialists, CMM inspection and facilities for pressure testing, we have everything in place to guarantee peace of mind.


Often undervalued as a value-added activity, we put thought and ingenuity into the packaging set-up. This could include added features for ease of handling, specially lined containers for fragile components and maximising freight space.

After Sales Service

Whether you are buying raw material or a systems-worth of components, the same level of technical expertise will be applied to offer the same guarantee of in-service performance. Through-life technical support and ongoing metallurgical development to enhance performance of the equipment are offered free-of-charge.

Case Studies