Copper & Steel Alloy Manufacturing Company

Copper Alloys Ltd is a British manufacturer based in central England. As a leading copper manufacturing company and a specialist metal supplier, we provide materials and components to engineers around the world. With key technical strengths in forgings, castings and components in nearly all copper-based and nickel-based alloys, we offer unbeatable value in the supply of large forgings machined to print.


Being able to trace our roots through many years of industrial heritage, Copper Alloys Ltd is independently owned and managed by a dedicated team with a vast experience of working in the most technically demanding industries such as defence, aerospace and petrochemicals.

Here’s what our customers have to say about working with us:

  • "Unrivalled attention to detail - they not only read all of the specifications, but understand them"

    Offshore Engineer

  • "We can sleep at night; Copper Alloys can be trusted to report everything and to operate with integrity so that there are no surprises later on"

    Nuclear Submarine Equipment Manufacturer

  • "The material selection support for engineers is not available anywhere else, this really helps engineers make informed decisions to maximise through-life value and performance"

    Nuclear Submarine Designer

International Assurance


Copper Alloys Ltd has staff dedicated to supporting our customers on the European mainland who are fluent in the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Deliveries to Europe leave our depot nearly every day, so we can guarantee quick deliveries at a minimal cost.
We can manufacture to all national and European specifications, with complete release and according certification.


We work closely with metal suppliers, Copper Alloys Inc., a well-established distributor of copper-based metals, based in Houston, Texas.

Specialising in the distribution of forgings, forged bars and finished components for the Navy and offshore industries, Copper Alloys Inc. offers a localised service from their experienced and dedicated team.

Minimising delivery times and costs, custom-manufactured materials and components can be stocked here for immediate call-off.

Please view the website for more details:

Asia and the Gulf region

As a copper manufacturing company working extended hours in the UK, we can react quickly to queries and orders from our customers in Asia.

Our experience in working with engineers in South Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and China means we understand the differing requirements, allowing direct access to our manufacturing facility.


Supporting critical engineering companies in Australia with components and proof-machined forgings, we are well established as the preferred supplier for complex items and materials that must be produced to order.

Our shipping and airfreight network ensures prompt and on-time deliveries with minimal costs.


Project: Critical finished machined block forgings for a nuclear submarine

Risks: Largest section of High-Strength Cupro-Nickel which was identified as high-risk

Customer feedback:

"I’ve just had my first look at the Sump Bodies you produced for us and I’m staggered by the excellent job you guys have done. They are the most impressive pieces we’ve seen on this project.

The fitting team leader, whom I introduced you to when you were here, is hugely impressed by the quality of the finished product.

Well done, guys!"

Marine Defence Senior Engineer

Project: Critical components for the aerospace industry

Risks: Extremely short delivery required as previous supplier’s material had failed

Customer feedback:

"Working with Copper Alloys was like a breath of fresh air, they were responsive and flexible, quickly coming up with a production plan to meet our urgent requirements, and delivering high quality product."

Design Engineer

Project: Finished machined Nickel-Aluminium Bronze forgings

Risks: Complicated finish-machining process, so extra forging produced as back-up at no extra cost

Customer feedback:

"We are extremely pleased with the on time delivery of the valve bodies, this was an important part of the project and we are thankful for the partnership we have formed."

Nuclear Submarine Project Manager

For more information, please contact Copper Alloys direct on or +44 (0) 1782 816 888.